Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Today's the day that I first started blogging on this blog. Today was one of the most screwed up day ever. I am pissed with myself, not being able to do well in my English Oral. Having screwed up my english prelim oral, scoring less than 20. That news broke my heart. I felt terrible that no one else which I am close to is selected to go with me. I can't deny that I'm envious with my other close friends who do not need to attend the workshop. What made me hurt more is the teacher's direct comment to us saying that we did badly for oral. I lost all motivation to study. Motivation to score well in english gone. Even though i really want to buck up on my english, but i know it wouldn't help. English is something that you have to have within yourself since young. Maybe, i'm just not born to be good at it.? English is an important subject and language in everyday's life and I felt disappointed with what I achieved. Disappointed. Verge of giving up. I need to have more self-control and discipline.

Next. Biotechnology screwed me up big time. I had contamination on my plate. I had so much confidence that I am able to grow a perfect bacteria colonies and..TA-DA! my agar plate was contaminated. Maybe, this could be due to my aseptic technique. So what i should do now? PRACTICE MY TECHNIQUES WELL. I need to score in biotechnology.

What happened today were such a letdown to me. English and Biotechnology, I can do this. Be more positive and think of the future. JIAYOUS. I CAN DO THIS :D